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New Charity Supporting Business, Spiritual Designs - Hand-painted to remember

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Spiritual Designs offer one-of-a-kind custom painted memorials. You have the option of locking the spirit of your loved ones by adding cremated ashes into the paint.

Timeless hand-painted memorials designed uniquely for you.

At Spiritual Designs, we aim to design unique hand-painted memorials to celebrate the life of loved ones. We understand the importance of designing something meaningful just to you. Our memorials aim to speak to you and make you feel connected with the person who is no longer in the physical world.

Our memorials are an incredible way to remember your loved ones, even more so to include cremated ashes. It’s important for anyone going through a loss to find ways to remember their loved ones, even through moments of pain. This is all a part of the healing process and ensures that we are not just mourning their death, but celebrating their life too.

Not only do we want to help through your healing process, but we also want to raise money for charity. There are so many great causes, each one making a huge difference and all needing help with donations so they can continue doing amazing work. So we want to do our part. By doing this, we will be donating a small amount from each order made with us as well as fundraising through social media.

The first charity we are officially supporting is Myton Hospice. Myton Hospice helped a family, who are the inspiration to how Spiritual Designs got started. Partner of Spiritual Designs’ Founder and his sister, unfortunately, lost their Mother. Myton Hospice was amazing supporting the family through such a difficult time.

A year after the siblings lost their Mother, they unfortunately also then lost their Grandad.

As a gift, the founder designed and hand-painted them a memorial to remember their

Mother and Grandad.

Our goal is to help as many charities as possible but we need your help. Follow us on social media where we will share inspiring stories, quotes and remember those that are no longer with us.

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