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Psychic Mediums

I have had an interest in the spiritual world since my sister died when I was 12 years old. I became obsessed with ghost stories and those that claimed to be able to speak to the dead. As a child it gave me some sort of comfort that maybe my sister was still with us, we just couldn't see her anymore.

When I was a little older, I went once to see a Psychic Medium with a few friends. Each one of us left with tears in our eyes. I connected with my grandad. I feel it's one of those things where you either believe or don't believe, or maybe you just keep an open mind. I have always loved the idea that you could speak to those that are no longer with us, but unfortunately, I don't have the gift. So I keep faith that my loved ones are watching over me and are helping to guide me to where I need to be.

I speak with Linda from Mindful Wishes who is a Psychic Medium. I hope you enjoy the interview.

Linda has been so open and honest about her life challenges with her special gifts.

'My Name is Linda Hughes. I’m firstly a mum of two beautiful kids and I’m also a Psychic Medium. It’s taken me a very long time to be comfortable saying that sentence. Not being a mum, that comes easy, but embracing my other gifts that have lead me to realise and accept that being a Psychic Medium is my purpose in life.

When you’ve experienced bullying to the extent I did growing up, there’s no bigger fear than putting yourself out there into the World with a title that still brings so much judgement and criticism from so many people. My whole life my default survival mode has been to not stand out.

A Psychic Medium. Among many other things is what I am. I’m ok with it. I’m at peace with my purpose. I truly love my work. The people who matter most to me in this world are ok with it too. So after many years of trying to hide behind other things I’m ready to fully embrace my purpose. Even with such a huge social media following of over 136k people, I’ve still tried to hide this part of myself somewhat over the years by highlighting the original uplifting quotes I write on my Facebook page rather than speaking so publicly about this. For those of you who have followed me for a while, those will still remain, but I will also be starting to speak more about the work I do as a Medium.'

It's so great you have shared your story and are inspiring the world. I can imagine it being emotional having that connection and helping people with their grief.

I feel really grateful to be able to do this type of work. What are the few top things people come to you about? What do people ask you? Most people come because they are feeling a little lost in life and are looking to get some clarity on a situation and find ways to move forward with more confidence. That applies to both people who are looking for a connection with a loved one is spirit and those who are just looking for psychic insight into their life.

Interestingly one of the most common questions I get asked is "What is my purpose in life?" and it's the one question I feel strongly about that people need to discover for themselves. I personally believe it's not connected to our career, but rather that we are all here to learn about ourselves, experience life fully, helps each other as best we can and learn to give and receive love. We always know within us what is right for us, we just have to quiet our mind and listen to the answer.

When I have a connection with someone in spirit for them, they do at times often guidance directly to them normally in the form of sharing their own life experience and details that will help them find either more confidence within themselves or they share memories of a similar situation they faced in life and share the actions they took in life. Sometimes just a reassuring word for example from a mum in spirit to a daughter reminding her of a specific time in life she felt more confident can be the words of encouragement someone needs to make new choices for herself.

You do have a lot of people who come to you that don't really believe in the psychic world?

I did during my time working for two years in a psychic cafe giving readings. They were usually people who had come along with a partner or friend and didn’t believe in it. Once they got clear messages with details from loved ones in spirit or accurate information about their own lives, they usually left with a very different opinion. Nobody needs to have a certain belief to have a reading, all I ask is that people keep on open mind. Many people that were sceptical have since come to me for regular reading. Losing someone close at such a young age, I loved the idea of getting in touch with ghosts and spirits. I was obsessed. One of my ways of coping I guess. It is definitely something you have to think about with an open mind. But there are a lot of people that need to see it to believe it. I had a reading once, a long time ago with a few friends. Each one of us left crying and all emotional lol. I’m so glad you had a positive experience with your reading. They can be very emotional. It’s such a beautiful feeling when you get confirmation that your loved ones are still around you.

Yeah definitely. I guess you have grown used to it, but do you come across hard situations that affect you emotionally? Yes, the ones where parents have lost a child or someone has died by suicide leave me very emotional. Being a parent myself it’s hard not to feel their pain. I have to make sure I have a good routine for self-care that allows me to emotionally recover from those types of readings. What's your self-care routine? If you don't mind me asking? Plenty walks in nature by myself, quiet time to relax and switch off from technology and distractions, daily journaling to help process any feelings/emotions that I’m having trouble not thinking about after readings, and dark baths! The last one sounds odd I know but I use so many of my senses in readings, I like to be in the water with just one candle lit, no noise and very little light with as little stimulation to my senses as possible. It lets me completely switch off and restore my energy.

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