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We would love to hear your stories and memories. Every memorial is as unique as each individual so hearing your stories and learning about your loved ones or furry friends will help us design something that is personal to you. 


Get in touch with us either by phone, email or arrange to meet in person.

If you want some ideas, we have a portfolio of designs, a memorial wall and our blog, so do go check them out and feel inspired.

Warwickshire, England, UK  |  Tel: 07732556952

Our portfolio of designs can be used as templates that you can have customised personally to you. Or you can have your memorial designed from scratch, completely original to you. 


Our Process:

We will have a chat to find out what you want and talk about some ideas. We will then send you a quote, a mood board of ideas along with some sketches. 


We do request 50% of the payment upfront before any work is started.


Our designer and artists will work on the first drafts of your memorial. You will get sent an update of drawings or/and digital mockups. Keeping you updated will allow you to make any changes and watch the process of your memorial. 


The next step is painting your final art piece. You will get one more update of the final design before any cremated ashes are added, to make sure you are happy with the outcome.


If you are happy with everything and the outcome of your memorial we will then request payment for your product. 

Once the payment has been cleaned, the ashes are added to your memorial. A UV-inhibiting varnish is then used to finish the artwork for quality and longevity. Then it’s framed and ready to be sent to you. How it will be delivered to you will be discussed at the start of the process.  

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