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We, at Spiritual Designs, believe in presenting the necessary legal terms and conditions in plain English and to avoid “legalese” wherever possible. However, if there is anything on this page that is not clear to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We understand that in choosing our products and services you are likely to have experienced an event that could be very disturbing and stressful. We promise that we will do all that we can to provide a sensitive service recognising that fact.

Most of our products and services are made specifically for you. Many of these products are designed to incorporate cremated remains (ashes ). We promise to take great care of these items for you and keep them securely labelled and stored at all times. We will also return any unused ashes back to you. 

Since many of our products involve the collection of keepsakes etc from you it is important that you carefully read and choose the modes of transport with which you feel most comfortable. We also recommend, where possible, that you keep some additional material stored for the long term as an assurance against you wanting additional items or replacing something if you are unfortunate enough to lose an item.

Whilst any materials and finished goods are of huge emotional value to you, that cannot be reflected in our liability. All items in store and in transit will be very well insured, however, our liability will be restricted to the market value or cost of the items concerned.


We aim to do our best to accommodate your needs when it comes to your loved one’s ashes and getting your products to you.

We will send out a secure pouch for your ashes. Depending on your personal circumstances, you can post it back to us using Track & Trace, have it hand-collected by a member of our team or deliver it to us yourself by appointment. 

We normally need the equivalent of two teaspoons full of ashes, and any unused will be returned to you with the final artwork.

Delivering your artwork can be either posted using Track & Trace, have it hand-delivered by a member of our team or collect it yourself by appointment. 

*Hand- delivery or collection from a member of our team or collection if you are within 15 miles from Southam, Warwickshire (Warwick, Leamington, Rugby, Coventry and Banbury).*

We will use the best delivery company. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the security of these materials and the finished product whilst they are in the possession of any delivery service.


You can cancel your order anytime during the creation and designing process. You will get regular updates and opportunities to make any changes to the artwork. Once the ashes have been added to the painting, you will not be able to cancel the order.


You will receive an estimate quote once you have filled out a brief and have agreed with some design ideas with our artists and designers. 

50% non-refundable payment will be requested upfront to confirm your order. Once you are happy with the final artwork we will request the remaining 50% payment to be made before ashes are added to the memorial.


Here at Spiritual Designs, we respect the privacy of our clients. We do not pass-on, rent or sell your information to anyone, at any time. We collect your information only to provide you with the best possible service. We also have a responsibility to you regarding your loved one's ashes. This page aims to demonstrate our commitments to you.

Personal information;

Spiritual Designs will collect personal data from potential and existing clients.

All data stored will be;

  1. seen and used only by Spiritual Designs and it's employees.

  2. not transferred to any other organisations

  3. lawfully kept and processed for limited purposes

  4. Accurate & secure

  5. Processed in accordance with your rights

Details of data we may collect from you;

  1. For every order, we will require your name, address, telephone number and details of your order. 

  2. If you are sending the ashes by post, we will request your name and address to send the ordering pack. We will also request your email address for any queries which may arise.

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