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Mid-England Barrow.

A truly breathtaking alternative for the storage of cremation ashes.

This amazing structure on a working farm is created entirely from natural resources, using beautiful, local stone and traditional stonewalling techniques by skilled craftsmen. Stones are hand shaped to fit each and every spot, covered in soil, grass and wildflowers. Niches allowing space for up to 5 urns are nestled deep into the walls of the barrow. Each 'owner' will have a completely personalised, secure cover made from a variety of material such as stone, metal or glass. Niches can be sealed or created so that urns can be seen or touched.

Situated in the corner of a field sown with wildflowers, which attract a plethora of wildlife: birds and butterflies, bees and dragonflies, when you visit the Barrow you may also see our herd of pedigree Longhorn cattle in a nearby paddock.

The Barrow is incredibly surreal, the moment when a tingle goes down your spine, and any sound or movement seems to disappear. As you enter, the aura gives a cool, calming, tranquil feeling, and you can't help but lower your tone, and begin reflecting upon the space you are in and the reason for your visit. It's not spooky or scary, sad or gloomy, but invigorating and rewarding, and you leave feeling peacefully connected with the lives lost.

Mid-England Barrow and Spiritual Designs have come together to offer unique covers.

Have a unique personal design that represents your loved ones. We are also offering 50% off framed artwork for your home when you order a cover with us.

Get in touch if you want to learn more or go to

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