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The Story Behind the Design - Amy Yates

Remembering those we have lost in our lives is so important to me.

No matter how many years have gone by, just like a scar from a wound, the impact of losing a loved one stays with us for the rest of our lives.

I remember sitting on the floor of my bedroom one afternoon. Amy and I were whispering and giggling. She was telling me about a boy she liked at school and she wanted to write him a letter.

I remember her birthday parties, the disco playing Amy's favourite S Club 7 songs while Amy whizzed around and danced in her electric wheelchair.

I remember the last day I saw her, I went to one of her hospital appointments. It was a Thursday, 2007 I don't remember the details but I remember laughing a lot in the hospital canteen with both our mums, Amy was funny and so brave.

She died the Wednesday after, peacefully in her sleep with her parents by her side.

Amy was my sister. She was 10 years old and was loved so much.

I put in a request that she was to be buried with her half of our friendship necklace we had both been given one Christmas. The necklace was put around her favourite teddy bear she was also buried with.

This memorial piece so unique and personal to me, along with my own half of the friendship necklace and a photo of my sister with her favourite teddy.

Written by

Ruth Davies

Founder of Spiritual Designs

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